President's Message

President’s Message

Turkish steel pipe industry, which started production in 1957, has become one of the largest and fastest growing steel pipe industries of the world.  Turkey has been named as the leader steel pipe manufacturer of Europe and fifth largest welded steel pipe producer since the year of 2010.  In the steel pipe production ranking of 2021, Turkey has become the 4th country that produces the most welded steel pipes and tubes after China, Russia and India. In 2021, Turkey has emerged as the third largest exporter of welded steel pipes after China and İtaly. Turkish welded steel pipe production in 2022 estimated to be about 4,8 million tons out of which 2,1 million tons are exported.

Having annual production capacity of 7,5 million tons of steel pipe industry in Turkey; it is able to produce various kinds of tubes and pipes from precision cold drawn pipes used in automobile industry, casings and tubings used in energy industry and to large diameter, and high specification small and large diameter line pipes used in natural gas, oil and energy transmission lines. Turkey steel pipe and tube industry; with its top-notch technology, quality and efficiency, is highly appreciated from all customers in the global markets.

Turkish steel pipe and tube manufacturers ensures high quality, rapid and safe delivery together with competitive price levels. Turkish steel pipe manufacturers demonstrated their qualities by realizing national and international pipeline projects such as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, Blue Stream and Shahdeniz and lastly Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline projects. Turkish steel pipes are now used in over 140 countries all over the world.

From now onward, the objective of Turkish steel pipe and tube industry is to reach the top three producers of the world.


Chairman, CEBID