CEBID in Brief

Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1996 in order to develop Turkish steel pipe industry, contribute to manufacturing of goods that national industry needs and strengthening members’ competitiveness in international markets. The Association now has 19 eminent members that account for 95 % of Turkey’s total steel pipe production.Members’ annual production capacities vary between 100.000 and 1.000.000 metric tons. All members manufacture steel pipes in accordance with international standards including ISO, EN and TSE.

The association contributes to creation of Turkey’s steel pipe profile by collecting and publishing data related to the steel pipe industry. Furthermore, the association has provided a platform for discussion of sectoral matters by bringing together the members regularly and forming committees for certain issues.

Turkish steel pipe manufacturers association has been participating to the national and international fairs, meetings and other events either as exhibitor and visitor in order to promote and represent its member companies. Moreover, the association has contributed to the development of steel pipe industry by working coordinately with various associations, unions, universities, NGO’s, and other institutions related to the steel pipe sector.

Turkish steel pipe manufacturers association is the only organization that represents Turkish steel pipe industry. Besides, it has an essential role in the world steel pipe market. The association works coordinately with European Steel Tube Association and it follows and analyses the market developments throughout the World. Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association will steadily keep striving for the growth of Turkish steel pipe industry and for making Turkey an important steel pipe manufacturer country in the World.

Mehmet ZEREN

Secretary General, CEBID