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The Steel Pipe Industry of Turkey

Steel pipes are the most commonly preferred pipe types due to their resistance to high pressure and external impacts. Steel pipes are used for various purposes in divergent branch of industries. First of all, steel pipes are used for transmission of water, oil and gas. Oil and gas transmission can only be made through steel pipes. Steel pipelines are preferred for transmission since they can withstand harsh climatic conditions and high internal and external pressure. Moreover, steel pipes and tubes are frequently used in structures, automotive industry, white goods, machine manufacturing, furniture and so forth.

Steel pipe industry has officially started in 1957 in Izmit (on the Marmara Region of Turkey, the western part of the country). This investment has been followed by the other Turkish investors from 1958 onwards. The steel pipe industry has experienced an enormous growth during the years 2000s. Steel pipe production of Turkey has increased 125 % from 2000 to 2011. In 2010, Turkey has become the largest steel pipe manufacturer of Europe and fifth largest steel pipe manufacturer in the world (behind China, Russia, Japan and South Korea) with its 3,5 million tons of annual production. In 2011, Turkish steel pipe industry grew by 9,7 % despite unfavorable developments in world economy and the total steel pipe production realized as 3,76 million metric tons. Hence, Turkey kept its reputation in 2011 both in Europe and the World.


The steel pipe industry of Turkey is very dynamic and competitive. The annual production capacity is 6 million metric tons and it is capable of manufacturing any kind of pipes. The industry is net exporter and propellant power of Turkish economy. Steel pipe export of Turkey grew 173 % between the years 2000 and 2011. Turkey has become the sixth largest welded steel pipe exporter (behind China, Italy, Germany, Republic of Korea and India) in 2010. Turkey has secured its position in 2011 with its 1,66 million tons of export.

Turkey exports steel pipe all around the world. Among the markets that Turkish steel products are exported; the EU is the primary export market, Middle East is the second and the America is the third biggest export market.

The world’s total production of welded tubes was 56 million tons according to World Steel Association. Turkey’s total steel pipe production was 3,436 million tons. Therefore, Turkey’s total production formed almost 6 % of world’s total production. In addition to this, Turkey’s total production, except China, accounted for 13 % of world’s total production.

All in all; in the medium term, Turkey aims at being one of the top three steel pipe manufacturer of the World. Today, Turkey is still competitive and growing its competitive advantage even against Chinese rivals due to the investments done for efficiency and productivity plus, challenging thinking to produce the un-producible. Besides, Turkey intends to inspire the World steel pipe industry through its experience and new ideas. Turkey will be initiator of technologic advancements and will take world steel pipe industry further.